Preserving the Legacy & History
Plaza Theatre History - Craig Cooley
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The cornerstone of the re-development of the Plaza Theatre would be in keeping the integrity of its history intact. Indeed the history should be a tremendous part of the appeal and use of the facility. When Jackie Gleason decided to abandon New York for Miami Beach with his live weekly "Jackie Gleason Show", he put Miami on the map. The same can be said for the movers and shakers from Los Angeles and many other locations; the celebrities that attended live broadcast events at the Plaza; live radio shows with Frank Sinatra, Jack Benny, and too many more to mention, that also put Palm Springs on the map. In a huge way, Palm Springs is the result of the visibility that the Plaza Theatre brought to the community and in a big way, it should continue. From its original and outrageous white leather seating throughout the theatre to the perforated ceiling and backlighting to give a feeling of being outdoors and under the stars; the Plaza Theatre's history is profound and remarkable in many ways.  


With the Plaza's history intact, it has the potential to again become the center point of the community, albeit an updated version with new technology. From the many nearby music festivals, celebrity golf and tennis tournaments to the "heady" nighttime social events, the Plaza Theatre can have a big part in all of them, promoting the culture of Palm Springs that makes it so special an unique. It is part of the Plaza's DNA and hopefully the future! 

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