Concept of Use...

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT THEATRE:  The theatre is perfect for small and more intimate "entertainer" events, from Johnny Mathis to Adele, from Elton John to John Mayer... Admission would need to be scaled to the expense of the performer but could start from about $350 to $1,500 per ticket and include some of a "Meet and Greet" component with the entertainers. With the seating capacity of 425, (more on that later), the revenue would be from $148,750 to  $637,500 per show, it is workable. In addition, with the Plaza's great history of "premiere" movie release parties, it can again be the ideal venue for new movie, music, and media release events and celebrity pre-selling tour promotions. 

SYNDICATED BROADCAST SHOWS:  With the most utilized studios being located in Los Angeles and New York, Palm Springs would be a new and more affordable alternative studio for the occasional or long-term hosting of syndicated shows...  Think Ellen, Steven Colbert...  Think of the our own KCET Public Television, PBS SoCal, and nationally, the History Channel, National Geographic, NPR Interviews... the potential is unlimited and a year-round revenue opportunity. With the development of new and very affordable technologies and studio equipment, the facility could provide the latest and most in-demand recording capabilities, yet at an affordable price. I feel this use has the greatest revenue potential and presents the greatest opportunity. While prominent entertainers may bring a profound visibility, Broadcast Shows will likely bring the greatest revenue. 

GALAS AND GRAND AFFAIRS: When presidents and celebrities get together; when Vanity Fair has a special event; when the Screen Actors Guild has a party... The Plaza should be synonymous with award events and grand parties of the highest order. Some special circumstances with food and drink service may need to be addressed and included as part of the Plaza development. I suggest the use of outside contract services and all their amenities as are often used for many grand parties. From searchlights to valet parking, from a red-carpet grand entrance, to appropriate live music entertainment. 

VIDEO / AUDIO PRODUCTION:  The Plaza would be available for a fee to any variety of video production uses and/or organizations. From commercials for local hotels / restaurants, real estate companies, infomercials and new product introduction, to PSA's, local High Schools, Colleges, and other non-profit organizations. Certainly the non-profit organizations would be offered at a reduced, "at cost" fee, giving back to the community and developing a strong following and valuable and honorable public relations.  

COMMUNITY FM RADIO BROADCAST:  The Plaza should include a non-profit 501c3 FM Radio program. There is one in Laguna Beach, at KXFM 104.7. The strategy is to promote Palm Springs and all the City has to offer on a daily basis with a live radio broadcast that is all about the culture and fabric of the community. Music would be a big part of the programming, local colleges should be involved and local personalities encouraged to do a weekly show. Again, the best example is KXFM 104.7. They are celebrating their 8 year anniversary.

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