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INTRODUCTION: Success or failure... For certain, the likely success or failure of the Plaza Theatre lies in the type of utilization that is embraced and developed. When I spoke with Palm Springs City's representative, Diana Shay, as she showed me around the Plaza, she indicated two simple prerequisites. First, that the city is adamant that the Plaza becomes a year-round viable operation, and second, that it adds to the overall attraction of Palm Springs as a travel destination and at the same time a major contributor to the culture and livability for the local residents. ​A very tall order, but certainly very feasible.

As with any enterprise, you must know your competition and know your market. With that, I suggest, that the Plaza development should not go head to head with the same offering as numerous other local theatre venues, that are newer, larger, and in the forefront of providing live theatre to the community. Indeed, there are 11+ other venues in the Greater Palm Springs area. The Plaza should be unique and to its own. With that, it also appears clear to me that the use of the Plaza should not be one dimensional and that the greatest opportunity lies in it being a unique and dynamic multi-use facility all under the umbrella of high-quality entertainment and broadcasting, that harkens back to its remarkable history and heritage.

Here, I have suggested five entertainment components for the Plaza Theatre. All strategically selected to work together cohesively, complementing one another, with the sum total being much greater than their parts. They were selected not only on their entertainment value, goodwill, and probable financial support of the community, but also on their merits of probable ability to provide self-sustaining, year-round revenue, that the Plaza may live on in perpetuity. They are linked below in no particular order. 

​SUMMARY: Clearly, the long term success of the theatre will not be predicated, alone, on the gilded finery and glamorous appointments that may be afforded with a historical renovation. Instead it will be predicated on function that facilitates the form... Integrated function that accommodates the specific and most viable use of the theatre for the greatest financial success. Function, that includes and incorporates all the latest and developing entertainment technologies, along with the influential science of social media marketing combined and blended with all the necessary venue and service equipment improvements. All these items orchestrated to cohesively service a new generation of entertainment production showcasing and preserving the history and prestige of the past for generations to come.

We are experiencing profoundly difficult times with COVID 19. Many businesses are on hold and sadly too many will not survive. Others, in stronger financial positions, will take advantage of the moment to update and improve their business operations, and still, others will develop and provide new start-up businesses and services while looking to and anticipating a brighter future. I feel the Plaza Entertainment Theatre is in the latter position with great potential.

Looking realistically ahead, with the recent breaking news of new vaccinations, improved testing/tracking, medical treatments, and a growing scientific consensus, it looks likely that CIVID 19 will be under control by the third quarter of 2021, just 6 months away. This is real, this is documented. Planning now for 2021 makes good sense. Planning that keeps it simple, strategic, and with a focus on the identified goals. A new playbill that everyone can understand, embrace, and support.     

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